Membership: Unlimited Access

  • Access any or all course content (live-stream and recorded) in the modules Mindful Yoga and Meditation, Yoga Nidra Meditation, MamaBe Pregnancy & Childbirth classes, and MamaBe Baby classes.

  • Enjoy real-time practices and gatherings with fellow yogis, and receive personal input and guidance from expert, experienced teacher and yoga therapist Clearlight Gerald.

  • Deepen your practice, immersing yourself in an inclusive approach that benefits your body, emotions, mind and overall wellbeing – all grounded in the authentic wisdom teachings of yoga and meditation and current research and modern wellness perspectives.

  • When you sign up, your membership is renewed automatically each month. You can choose to discontinue your membership anytime – it is easy to cancel future charges.

membership fees

Your monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all live-streamed and recorded Mindful Yoga, Yoga Nidra Meditations & the MamaBe Pregnancy and Baby classes. Once you sign up, your membership is renewed automatically each month, and you can cancel easily at any time.

Simple and Flexible

  • Flexible

    With your monthly membership, you will have complete and unlimited access to whichever classes suit your needs, a friendly community of dedicated practitioners, and personalized guidance from Clearlight.

  • Cancel Anytime

    Your membership is renewed automatically each month. It is easy to cancel your membership and future payments. (Sign in on top bar of this page, access My Account and then Billing.) There is no minimum subscription period.

  • Simplicity

    Advanced reservations are unnecessary... simply take part in any of the live-streamed and recorded classes you can, including special gatherings and a continually growing library of practices.

  • Accessible

    Low monthly amount includes all taxes, and is charged in Canadian funds. The intention is to bring you a high quality of experience and content while keeping these classes as accessible as possible.

  • Community

    Become part of a community of fellow yoginis to support your practice and to share in the collective benefits of gathering together.

Cultivate wellbeing on your mat, in your life.

Monthly membership ($39 taxes in) can be cancelled anytime

questions that might be on your mind...

  • If I need to cancel my membership, what is required?

    You can stop your monthly membership anytime. Sign in on the top bar of this page, click 'My Account,' then click 'Billing,' then under Subscriptions simply press the Cancel box.This will stop future billings and access to classes for months moving forward. (You will have access to the classes until the end of the monthly period for which you have already paid.)

  • I am pregnant, which classes can I attend?

    During your pregnancy, to be sure the practices are safe and beneficial for you, it is essential you only access the MamaBe Pregnancy and iRest Yoga Nidra practices. You are welcome to participate in the MamaBe Baby classes and/or the Mindful Yoga classes after you've had your baby. Please contact Clearlight if you have any questions. :) Also, you may want to consider the add-on special program for childbirth preparation, MamaBe Authentic Birthing.

  • I would only like to access the Mindful Yoga and Meditation classes, (I'm not pregnant and don't have young children). Why is my registration bundled with the MamaBe Pregnancy and Baby classes?

    Bundling was designed to include all classes in order to provide flexibility for those whose circumstances benefit from access to the Mama Be Pregnancy and MamaBe Baby classes. In your case, simply disregard the MamaBe Modules. Enjoy!

  • Can my live-in partner access the classes with me?

    Absolutely! Your monthly membership gives you and your immediate family members full access to the classes. This is limited to those with whom you live in the same household. Partners and roommates are all welcome! Please don't share your password and registration beyond your household. Thank you for this!

complement your membership
with a special program

special programs

Offered in addition to your monthly membership for those seeking highly specialized and focused workshops and trainings