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Cultivate perspective, insight and your connection to Wellbeing...

Join Clearlight and your community of fellow practitioners –what better way to to take charge of your own wellbeing than by taking a 'time-out' and immersing yourself in yogic practices to cultivate perspective, insight, balance and joy!

Your well-being counts... it is more than important, it is essential. Circumstances do not need to be neatly aligned for you to fully access your birthright of vibrant wellbeing. That being said, stepping back from your daily routine and going beyond your regular on the mat practice is enormously supportive in cultivating vibrant health while gaining insight and self-understanding.

Here you will find information about upcoming LIVEstream Special Events, and the collection of  recorded Workshops and At-Home Retreats for you to access anytime. 💚

Upcoming livestream Special Events...

LIVEstream • Solstice Sunrise Sadhana Series

Friday June 18th, Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th, 2021

Three consecutive Morning Practices Series at 6:30 to 7:30 am

Mark you calendar! ✨ Dawn is a sacred time for practice... and the Summer Solstice offers us the peak of light! To mark this occasion we will gather just after sunrise at 6:30 am for three consecutive mornings of rare early morning practices. Breathing and mudras, chanting and gentle wake-up movement, concluding with silent meditation.  Attend one practice, the full series... ✨

This event is free of charge if you have a Monthly Membership.  If you do not have a membership, a fee of $65 applies for the series of three practices . In this case, please contact Clearlight to register directly.

Although not specifically for pregnancy, these practices are wonderful for pregnancy once adapted . If you are pregnant and plan to attend, please contact Clearlight in advance.

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Workshops, Special Events &
At-Home Retreats

Explore below to see an overview of the upcoming, livestream Special Events and a summary of the recorded Workshops and Retreats. To access these practices you will need to sign in and go to your 'Dashboard' (see link just above).

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    • Welcome to the Special Events Section - updated June 4th, 2021

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    LIVEstream, June 18th, 19th & 20th, 2021 • Solstice Sunrise Sadhana Series

    • LIVEstream • June 18, 19, 20 at Sunrise (6:30 am) for Early Morning Practice

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    Attuning to the Subtle Body • Morning Yoga Retreat (May 2021)

    • Attuning to the Subtle Body • A Morning Yoga Retreat • Overview and Schedule

    • Attuning to the Subtle Body • Part 1 • Gentle warm ups, Breathing & Mudras, Meditation • 59 min

    • Attuning to the Subtle Body • Part 2 • Exploring with Movement - Body and Breath Sensing, Healing, and More - 1 hour 25 min

    • Attuning to the Subtle Body • Part 3 • Yoga Nidra, Exploring the Subtle Body - 41 min

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    Conscious Emergence Workshop (April 2021)

    • Conscious Emergence, an Interactive Workshop & Yoga Morning

    • Gentle Yoga Morning Practice - 62 min

    • Questions for Reflection

    • Yoga Nidra, Gratitude Practice (42 min)

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    Wellbeing Workshop: Using the Breath and Chanting to Calm & Center

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation - Introduction - 20 min

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation: Practice - 47 min

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation: Yoga Nidra - Breathing, Welcoming - 38 min

    • Chants and Mantras (PDF)

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    Wellbeing Workshop, Sankalpa Part 1: Heartfelt Path and Intention

    • Sankalpa Workshop, Part One: Heartfelt Path and Intention (with notes) - 1 hour 43 min

    • Yoga Nidra: Exploring Sankalpa and Open-Skyness - 46 min

  • 7

    Wellbeing Workshop, Sankalpa Part 2: Cultivating Wellbeing and Finding Sanctuary

    • Introduction - 20 min

    • Orientation - Sanctuary Place - 6 min

    • Meditation - Inner Sanctuary - 8 min

    • Discussion #1 - 7 min

    • Orientation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 2 min

    • Meditation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 6 min

    • Journaling Exercise #1 - 2 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Discussion #2 - 14 min

    • Orientation - Pointers to Wholeness - 2 min

    • Meditation - Pointers to Wholeness - 6 min

    • Orientation - Personalized Portals to Wellbeing - 5 min

    • Journaling Exercise #2 - 1 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Closing - 6 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Wellbeing - 42 min

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    Full Day At-Home Retreat

    • Create Your Own At-Home Retreat

    • 1: New Dawn, Morning Practice of Breathing, Chanting & Meditation (57 min)

    • 2: New Day, Morning Mindful Yoga Practice (1 hr 42 min)

    • 3: New Life, Sankalpa Afternoon Workshop - Cultivating Authenticity, Clarity and Calm - 1 hour 43 min

    • 4: And I'm Feeling Good... Late Afternoon Yoga Nidra - Exploring Sankalpa - 46 min

  • 9

    Half Day At-Home Retreat

    • Create Your Own At-Home Retreat

    • 1: Maitri Chant - 5 min

    • 2: Opening the Breathing Spaces, Sharira Mudras - 13 min

    • 3: Mindful Yoga Practice - 64 min

    • 4: Yoga Nidra for Self-Nourishment (41 min) + optional orientation to practice (16 min)

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Program description, registration and more...

Attuning to the Subtle Body • A Morning Yoga Retreat

Now available as a Recorded Retreat

7:30 - 8:30 am ET: Breathing, Mudra and Awakening the Subtle Body 
8:30 - 9:30 am: morning break
9:30 - 11:00 am ET:  Mindful Yoga for Pranamaya
11:00 - 11:45 am ET: Prana Yoga Nidra Meditation

(All sessions are livestream. Join one or all sessions. Workshop will end at approximately 11:45 am.)

We are accustomed to attending to needs of the physical body, and we recognize the essential value of mental and emotional health, but we only rarely consider the health and wellness of the energy body, of central importance as it determines our overall health and sense of wellbeing, and affects both our physical AND our emotional, mental health. In this morning retreat, we will step away from normal daily routines to immerse in practices to attune to the subtle, energy body, and to facilitate the circulation and balance of vital energies thus directly supporting our overall vitality and balance of body and mind.

In the first practice of the morning, we will awake to enjoy a short practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), hand mudras and gentle awakening yoga. After a break, we will explore a full movement practice in which we will begin with a classical practice of yoga for the physical body, this will gradually transition to an increasingly subtle practice, completing with a special BodySensing practice in which the physical body remains still while the subtle body is in movement. The morning retreat will conclude with a complete, guided Yoga Nidra meditation to balance the pranamaya kosha, and to deepen your firsthand exploration of subtle realms.

This event is free of charge if you have a Monthly Membership, however advance sign-up is necessary to receive the Zoom link and to access the livestream practices. Reserve your place easily on the sign-up form, or if you prefer email Clearlight and she will confirm your registration.

About the Pancha Maya Kosha Model

The Pancha Maya Kosha model, central to how yogic tradition views the body, is referred to in the Taittiriya Upanishad (around 500 BCE) and  describes five primary layers of the embodiment of consciousness we call the body. We are all well familiar with the most obvious layer, the annamaya kosha, the physical, structural body. The pranamaya kosha is slightly more subtle, and refers to the layer of vitality, aliveness, prana (life energy), that not only animates the physical body but also affects the even subtler koshas of emotion, cognition and joyfulness.

Pranamaya is often referred to as the breath body, and although breathing is an obvious expression of prana, there are more subtler forms of life energy that flow here. We will be addressing both the breath and some of these subtler flows.

When we attune to the pranamaya kosha and offer practices to nourish, soothe and balance this aspect of our lived experience, we invite greater health and wellbeing in all realms. As we become increasing sensitized to subtle currents of experience, and if we pay attention to the insight contained therein, we gain valuable information in what kinds of changes may be needed to return to greater balance.

As we attune to these subtler currents of embodiment, we distinguish these subtler movements from the ground of Stillness upon which they move… pointing us back to our essential nature… already well, already whole. 

Who can attend?

The movement portion of Part B is not recommended for pregnancy (9:30 - 11 am), however the early morning practice (7:30 - 8:30 am) and the Yoga Nidra practice (11:00 - 11:45 am) would be supportive for pregnancy.  

In all other cases, the movement practices can be adjusted to fit the needs of your own body.  If you have an acute injury, it would be wise to skip the movements that involve this part of the body. Always reach out to Clearlight if you have any questions.

This is an experiential retreat - 100% your own direct practice and experience. You can practice with your video on or off.

How can I register?

This event is free of charge if you have a Monthly Membership, however advance sign-up is necessary to receive the Zoom link and to access the livestream practices. 
Reserve your place easily on the sign-up form, or if you prefer email Clearlight and she will confirm your registration.

If you do not have a membership, a program fee of $65 applies. Please contact Clearlight to register directly.

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