Workshops, Special Events &
At-Home Retreats

"It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, yeah… and I’m feeling good!” - Nina Simone

Join Clearlight and welcome the new day –what better way to to take charge of your own wellbeing than by taking a 'time-out' and immersing yourself in yogic practices to cultivate perspective, insight, balance and joy!

Your well-being counts... it is more than important, it is essential. Circumstances do not need to be neatly aligned for you to fully access your birthright of vibrant wellbeing. That being said, stepping back from your daily routine and going beyond your regular on the mat practice is enormously supportive in cultivating vibrant health while gaining insight and self-understanding.

Here you will find information about upcoming livestream Special Events (offered monthly), and recorded Workshops and At-Home Retreats for you to access anytime. 💚

The next livestream Special Event...

• Conscious Emergence, an Interactive Workshop & Yoga Morning
Saturday April 24th, 2021 

“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” - David Whyte  8 am ET: Morning Yoga, Gentle Embodiment 
9 - 9:30 am: breakfast break
9:30 am ET: Interactive Workshop
11:00 am ET: Yoga Nidra Meditation
(All sessions are livestream. Join one or all sessions. Workshop will end at approximately 11:45 am.)

Explore the possibilities, growth, insights, and opportunities that have emerged this past year. What changes or understanding would you like to bring with you as you emerge from this pandemic Winter? 

We will begin with a gentle morning yoga practice to land in our bodies fully, at 9:30 am we will gather for the 90 minute workshop that will include connecting in the context of small groups using active listening and authentic expression practices. We will conclude with a Yoga Nidra to integrate our 'take-aways' from the morning.

This is open to ALL Members (with no additional fee).
Non-Member Fee: $65 (contact Clearlight to register).

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Workshops, Special Events &
At-Home Retreats

Explore below to see an overview of the upcoming, livestream Special Events and a summary of the recorded Workshops and Retreats. To access these practices you will need to sign in and go to your 'Dashboard' (see link just above).

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    Livestream, April 24th, 2021: Conscious Emergence Workshop

    • LIVEstream • Saturday April 24th • Conscious Emergence, an Interactive Workshop & Yoga Morning

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    Wellbeing Workshop: Using the Breath and Chanting to Calm & Center

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation - Introduction - 20 min

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation: Practice - 47 min

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation: Yoga Nidra - Breathing, Welcoming - 38 min

    • Chants and Mantras (PDF)

  • 4

    Wellbeing Workshop, Sankalpa Part 1: Heartfelt Path and Intention

    • Sankalpa Workshop, Part One: Heartfelt Path and Intention (with notes) - 1 hour 43 min

    • Yoga Nidra: Exploring Sankalpa and Open-Skyness - 46 min

  • 5

    Wellbeing Workshop, Sankalpa Part 2: Cultivating Wellbeing and Finding Sanctuary

    • Introduction - 20 min

    • Orientation - Sanctuary Place - 6 min

    • Meditation - Inner Sanctuary - 8 min

    • Discussion #1 - 7 min

    • Orientation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 2 min

    • Meditation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 6 min

    • Journaling Exercise #1 - 2 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Discussion #2 - 14 min

    • Orientation - Pointers to Wholeness - 2 min

    • Meditation - Pointers to Wholeness - 6 min

    • Orientation - Personalized Portals to Wellbeing - 5 min

    • Journaling Exercise #2 - 1 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Closing - 6 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Wellbeing - 42 min

  • 6

    Full Day At-Home Retreat

    • Create Your Own At-Home Retreat

    • 1: New Dawn, Morning Practice of Breathing, Chanting & Meditation (57 min)

    • 2: New Day, Morning Mindful Yoga Practice (1 hr 42 min)

    • 3: New Life, Sankalpa Afternoon Workshop - Cultivating Authenticity, Clarity and Calm - 1 hour 43 min

    • 4: And I'm Feeling Good... Late Afternoon Yoga Nidra - Exploring Sankalpa - 46 min

  • 7

    Half Day At-Home Retreat

    • Create Your Own At-Home Retreat

    • 1: Maitri Chant - 5 min

    • 2: Opening the Breathing Spaces, Sharira Mudras - 13 min

    • 3: Mindful Yoga Practice - 64 min

    • 4: Yoga Nidra for Self-Nourishment (41 min) + optional orientation to practice (16 min)

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