MamaBe Authentic Birthing: Live-Streaming Couples Workshop

Saturday, January 15, 2021: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Share with other couples in this interactive, live-streaming program to empower you both with tools to navigate labor and delivery with confidence, strength and grace.

Materials required: You will need a large ball (65-75 cm / 26"-30" is ideal), ice and a towel. The instruction of the workshop assumes the presence of your partner or birth partner.

This program is in development to be offered as an online program, in the meantime please join us in the upcoming live-streaming event that will cover all of the topics listed below.

You will have access to the written documentation and to the recording of the workshop (accessible for the duration of your pregnancy).


Please take a moment to view the content that is covered under each section.

  • 1

    Introduction to MamaBe Authentic Birthing Preparation Course

    • Positive Childbirth and Creating a Toolbox for Labour

    • Birth as Transformation and Initiation

    • Practical Strategies to Support Innate Wisdom of the Body

    • Mindfulness-Based Perspective & Practices for Childbirth

  • 2

    Overview of Labour and Coping Strategies

    • Stages of Labour

    • Supporting Optimal Hormonal Balance in Labor

    • Overview of Coping Strategies: Breathing, Movement, Mindfulness and Interpersonal

    • Birth Plan vs. Birth Preference

    • Creating Favorable Circumstances - What does this look like?

  • 3

    Transforming the Birth Experience to Support a Positive Childbirth

    • Transforming How We Think about Labour & Delivery

    • Reframing Pain and Understanding its Role

    • The Power of Mindfulness and Orientation

    • Being in Harmony vs. Being in Battle

  • 4

    Breathing Techniques for Labour & Delivery

    • The Breath and Mind-Body Connection

    • Self-Rescue in times of Fear or Overwhelm

    • Mindful Breathing for Calming and Centering

    • Breathing Technique #1: Learning and Practice

    • Breathing Technique #2: Learning and Practice

    • Experiential Meditation for Couples with Breathing # 1 & #2

    • Breathing Technique #3: Learning and Practice

    • Sound Experiment with Partner

    • Breathing Technique #4: Learning and Practice

    • Breathing for Stage 2 (Pushing phase of Labour)

  • 5

    Movements & Positions for Active Labour

    • Benefits of Moving Labour: Physiological principles

    • Benefits of Moving in Labour: Optimal positioning and support of birthing baby

    • Learning and Practicing Positions for Labour and Delivery: Orientation 1

    • Learning and Practicing Positions for Labour and Delivery: Orientation 2

    • Learning and Practicing Positions for Labour and Delivery: Orientation 3

    • Learning and Practicing Positions for Labour and Delivery: Orientation 4

    • Learning and Practicing Positions for Labour and Delivery: Special Circumstances

    • Positions to Support Labour with Epidural

    • Using Positions in Labor Strategically to Address Specific Circumstances

    • Positions for Pushing with Doctor or Midwife

  • 6

    Coping Strategies for your Inner World in the Face of Genuine Challenge

    • Orientation of Welcoming

    • The Nine MamaBe Principles of Navigating Challenge

    • Specific Ways Birth Partner can Support this Inner Work

  • 7

    Strategies and Tools Specifically for Birth Partner

    • Your Essential Role

    • Relevance of Loving Presence & Supporting Optimal Hormonal Balanace

    • Basic Labour Support Strategies

    • Touch, Massage and Pressure Points

    • Your Role as Gatekeeper

    • Constructively Interfacing with Medical Support team

    • What to Do When You 'Don't Know'

    • Supporting Mom to Cope

    • Developing your own Coping Toolset

    • Preparing for Stage 2 (pushing) and birth

  • 8

    Authentic Belly Birthing

    • Reclaiming the Sacred

    • Initiation into Parenthood

    • Perspective of Gratitude

    • Strategies to Support a Positive Birthing Experience

    • Supporting Mama, Partner and Baby after Belly Birth Delivery

  • 9

    MamaBe Authentic Birthing Program: Supporting Material (PDFs)

    • Illustrated Summary of Favorable Positions for Labour and Delivery

    • Complete Authentic Birthing Home Study Guide (English)

    • Complete Authentic Birthing Home Study Guide (français)

    • Supplemental Reading for the Authentic Birthing Program

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Pregnancy (39 min)

  • 10

    MamaBe Meditations for Mom to Use During Labour (downloadable audio and video)

    • 8 Video Meditations Downloadable here

    • Same 8 Meditations in Audio Format Downloadable here

  • 11

    Pregnancy Yoga to Prepare the Mind & Body for Birth

    • Preparing the Body for Positions of Labour and Delivery (75 minute video practice)

Preparing Together...

Read more about this interactive, live-streaming workshop

The interactive, live-streaming MamaBe Authentic Birthing Workshop empowers you both to cultivate a positive childbirth experience in all locations and modalities of labor and delivery. This is a precious opportunity for you both to learn and practice essential breathing techniques, labor positions, and coping techniques to help you navigate the intensity of labor and delivery with confidence and grace. The workshop will give your partner (or birth partner) tools to not just feel involved and helpful, but also the confidence and capacity to step into the role of providing truly indispensable support.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to meet other couples who are sharing this journey, and you will be welcome to pose any questions, and any concerns you have will be addressed. You will benefit from the insight and knowledge that Clearlight brings from her decades of supporting women and couples in childbirth and perinatal preparation, and the innovative MamaBe approach to birth that integrates mindfulness, yogic techniques and practical coping strategies.
welcoming the waves of intensity

Authentic Birthing Program Fees

Access to Live-Streaming Program on January 9th, includes all written materials and unlimited access to program recording for the duration of your pregnancy.

what women and couples are saying...

I welcomed each contraction and my husband did a fantastic job

Erika & Mark

Thanks to the toolbox you provided us during your workshop, I was able to cope with the pain while my husband did a fantastic job coaching me and helping me through each contraction. I welcomed each contraction, knowing that the wave would pass and that with each one, we would be closer to meeting our little baby. I am happy to say that after nearly 20 hours of intense contractions and 1 hour of pushing, our little girl, Abigail was born via a successful, completely natural, VBAC!! We very much appreciate all you taught us during your workshop and the insight you provided us. I don't know how I would have been able to cope (naturally) during the labour process had we not taken your workshop. The medical staff at the hospital were quite impressed with me, as I was still happily smiling at 8cm dilated, unmedicated!

supported in a natural birth

Amanda & Amar

My little one was born on January 14th. It was a total of 6 hours of labour and about 15 minutes of pushing. My goal with this second pregnancy was to have a natural birth, since with my first I was induced and got an epidural. Thanks to all the techniques and discussions that we saw/had in your classes and workshop, I was able to accomplish a natural birth. It felt really really great and the nurses and doctors were impressed with me. From the very moment we stepped into the hospital, Amar was an amazing coach. He kept reminding me to breathe (he would even breathe along with me) and he would suggest different positions and massage my hands. The thing that helped me the most, was the thought of appreciating the pain because it was there to bring me my baby (I had the pain over for tea! Haha). Thank you so much for all the knowledge Clearlight!

inclusive approach and welcoming of diversity of experience

Gail S & Lucie G

We cannot imagine a better birthing coach than Clearlight. She understands that every birth is unique, and introduces you to tools for meeting every challenge. We also very much appreciated her inclusive attitude reflected in communication (husbands or partners, acknowledging individual differences in couples like us with twins or our neighbor for whom it was a second birth).

our best prenatal class by far...

Lisa B & Mark F

It was our best prenatal class by far. We spent some very good quality time together that day and keep it in good memory. We had a wonderful birth, very much thanks to your course, which I highly recommend to everybody. I didn't need to use any drugs and had a very positive experience. Thank you!

only workshop that gave me tools to navigate my inner world


As a solo parent, I loved this workshop... I've taken four separate childbirth classes during my pregnancy, and Clearlight's Childbirth Workshop was the only one that gave me the tools to deal with my inner world –what to do if I panic! I feel much more confident and prepared now.

more trust in my partner knowing he had been 'trained'

Leslie S

Thank you again for all your help in getting us ready for this experience. The breathing reminders and inner sanctuary practice in class really helped me out. And the couples workshop definitely made Jason more confident in his role in helping me keep on track with breathing and coping with the pain - and it gave me more trust in him knowing that he had been "trained" for the role.

excellent preparation and non-judgmental presentation of useful information

Emma & Shanna

Clearlight is warm and relaxed, and the workshop helped us feel prepared and excited to meet the challenges and adventure of childbirth! It was an excellent preparation, with really helpful, positive and non-judgmental presentation of useful information. The supplemental information (pdfs) are really nice to have to synthesize information. We also really appreciated the inclusive language!

I felt so empowered having the tools to cope, and my husband felt confident

Stevie & Zac

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl via successful VBAC –she is such a relaxed little lady. Thank you so much for your Preparing for Childbirth course. I felt so empowered, having the skills I needed to cope with the intense contractions of induced labour, and I could see how confident Zac felt to partner me. The class gave us a shared vocabulary of coping mechanisms and really set us up to share in the birth experience. We really can’t say thank you enough,

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