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These iRest Yoga Nidra practices are open and beneficial to everyone. We gather monthly to discuss iRest Yoga Nidra meditation and to explore a new theme. We then practice with a new Yoga Nidra recorded practice uploaded that afternoon (which will then be part of the growing library of recorded practices). Below you will see a preview of the schedule of the live-streaming gatherings, as well as the growing library of recorded Yoga Nidra practices. There are three sections in total of Yoga Nidra offerings. 

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Live-Stream Schedule & Recorded Practices

Click each section to preview the livestream practice times & summary of recorded practices. To access these classes you will need to sign in to your 'Dashboard' (see link just above).

  • 1

    Welcome to iRest Meditation

    • How to Navigate, Find the Livestream and Recorded Practices for You

    • Index to the Yoga Nidra Meditation Practices

    • Preparing for your Yoga Nidra Meditation - Practical, important information to read before settling in...

    • Sunday, January 21, 2024 • 4:00 - 5:00 pm • Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • 2

    iRest Yoga Nidra with Clearlight - Livestream Gatherings - Zoom Links here

    • These live gatherings are an opportunity to deepen your iRest Yoga Nidra practice by learning more. Each time we meet a certain topic will be presented. You will then be invited to practice to a new iRest Yoga Nidra.

    • NEW DEC 2023 Yoga Nidra: Aligning with the Heart (47 min)

    • NEW JAN 2024 Yoga Nidra: Sanctuary, Nourishment and Replenishment (46 min)

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    Yoga Nidra Meditations - Library of Full-Length Practices

    • Preparing for your Yoga Nidra - Practical, important information to read before settling in...

    • Yoga Nidra: Finding Sanctuary and Settling the Mind (45 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Cultivating Inner Harmony in the Midst of it All (45 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Deep Rest & Navigating Change (45 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Life Living Itself (42 min)

    • iRest Yoga Nidra for Self-Nourishment (41 min)

    • iRest Yoga Nidra: Exploring Identity (33 min)

    • Yoga NIdra: Elemental Qualities, a Chakra Exploration - 44 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Sleep - 39 min

    • Yoga Nidra: Exploring Sankalpa and Open-Skyness - 46 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Wellbeing - 42 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Breathing, Welcoming - 38 min

    • Yoga Nidra, Gratitude Practice - 42 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Grief and Healing - 39 min

    • Yoga Nidra for End of the Day - Deeply Sensing and Abiding (28 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation, Exploring Joy! (42 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation - Exploring Universal Symbols - (46 min)

    • 'Walking as Stillness' - A Mp3 Meditation to Download for a Walk, Hike or Jog (35 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation - Radiance of Wellbeing - (32 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation: Coming Home (for the Busy & Overwhelmed) (45 min)

    • Meditation - Beyond the 'Me and Mine' (39 min)

    • Evening Meditation for Deep Rest (26 min)

    • Meditation for Setting Intention (35 min)

    • Loving Kindness Meditation (43 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation One (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Two (31 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Three (26 min)

    • Sowing the Seeds of Kindness, Healing the Effects of Incivility (39 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Release into Deep Rest, Release into Sleep (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Effortless Meditation (41 min)

    • Yoga Nidra for Stress & Anxiety (34 min)

    • Meeting Uncomfortable or Difficult Emotions: Working with Opposites (38 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Already Whole (40 min)

    • NEW Yoga Nidra: Aligning with the Heart (47 min)

    • NEW Yoga Nidra: Sanctuary, Nourishment and Replenishment (46 min)

  • 4

    Yoga Nidra Meditations - Library of Short Practices

    • Rest as Stillness in the Movement of your Day - 8 min

    • Short and Sweet - 15 min

    • Discovering Stillness When the Mind is Agitated - 16 min

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Anxiety - 24 min

    • Short Yoga Nidra - Day Nap - 22 min

    • Short Yoga Nidra - Evening Rest - 22 min

    • Short Yoga Nidra - Reset in the Midst of the Day - 22 min

    • Evening Meditation for Deep Rest - 26 min

  • 5

    Special Focus Meditation Practices

    • Yoga Nidra for Grief and Healing - 39 min

    • Discovering Stillness When the Mind is Agitated - 16 min

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Anxiety - 24 min

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Stress & Anxiety (34 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation One (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Two (31 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Three (26 min)

    • Yoga Nidra: Release into Deep Rest, Release into Sleep (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Pregnancy (39 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation for Pregnancy, Short Practice (23 min)

    • Yoga Nidra for Mamas with Babies –the early weeks and months - 37 min

  • 6

    Sleeping Better with Yoga Nidra Meditation

    • About Yoga Nidra for Sleep

    • Yoga Nidra: Release into Deep Rest, Release into Sleep (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation One (36 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Two (31 min)

    • Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Three (26 min)

    • Another Yoga Nidra for Sleep - 39 min

  • 7

    Workshop: Heartfelt Path and Intention (Sankalpa Part 1)

    • Sankalpa Workshop, Part One: Heartfelt Path and Intention (with notes) - 1 hour 43 min

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation: Exploring Sankalpa and Open-Skyness - 46 min

  • 8

    Workshop: Cultivating Wellbeing (Sankalpa Part 2)

    • Introduction - 20 min

    • Orientation - Sanctuary Place - 6 min

    • Meditation - Inner Sanctuary - 8 min

    • Discussion #1 - 7 min

    • Orientation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 2 min

    • Meditation - Resolution of If-Onlys - 6 min

    • Journaling Exercise #1 - 2 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Discussion #2 - 14 min

    • Orientation - Pointers to Wholeness - 2 min

    • Meditation - Pointers to Wholeness - 6 min

    • Orientation - Personalized Portals to Wellbeing - 5 min

    • Journaling Exercise #2 - 1 min (plus your own offline time)

    • Closing - 6 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Wellbeing - 42 min

  • 9

    Workshop: Breathing and Chanting to Calm, Focus and Prepare for Meditation

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation - Introduction - 20 min

    • Breathing and Chanting for Meditation: Practice - 47 min

    • Yoga Nidra for Breathing, Welcoming - 38 min

    • Chants and Mantras (PDF)

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Guided meditations that support deep healing, meditative inquiry, and deep renewal – equally beneficial for beginner meditators and advanced practitioners.

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  • Be guided by a teacher steeped in experience and training of over 20 years. Clearlight is a certified senior iRest Trainer, Teacher, and Mentor with the iRest Institute in California.

  • Rest deeply in the comfort and privacy of your own home, allow yourself time and space with no one you need to speak to afterwards... and nowhere to go... just linger and integrate the gifts of your practice.

  • Have a collection of practices at your fingertips to reduce stress, help you sleep, support physical, emotional and mental healing, and to pursue your path of inquiry guided by the deepest calling of your heart.

  • Explore iRest as both a way to build day-to-day wellbeing and resiliency, and to connect to your deepest Self. Clearlight offers an accessible understanding of the nondual wisdom teachings that inform iRest, with insights that come from her own journey and decades of personal study and practice.

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  • Can I try a free Yoga Nidra before signing up?

    Yes! Everyone has 10 days to access all live and recorded classes free of charge. Sign up for the monthly membership to access the ten days of free classes. If you'd like to keep the membership, no action is required. Otherwise it is easy to cancel your membership before the ten days are up, or anytime thereafter.

  • How exactly would I cancel my subscription if and when needed?

    You can stop your monthly membership anytime. Sign in on the top bar of this page, click 'My Account,' then click 'Billing,' under Subscriptions simply press the Cancel box. This will stop future billings. (You will have access to the classes until the end of the monthly period for which you have already paid.)

  • What materials do I need for Yoga Nidra?

    You do not need to purchase any extra materials. The most important thing is you are comfortable during the practice. The practice is usually practiced lying down, however you can try it sitting as well. You can lie on your back, on your side, on a couch, in your bed, on the floor... as you like. It is helpful to have a blanket as your body does typically cool, and pillows to support your body. An eye bag to cover your eyes is lovely to have if you have one, a folded towel will do.

  • I see that the monthly membership gives me access to yoga classes, but I am not interested in movement classes. Is there anything else available to me?

    Absolutely! Although the Mindful Yoga movement classes are designed to support inner quiet, wellbeing and inquiry, there are other practices available that do not include movement. Within the course content of the Mindful Yoga and Meditation you will find recorded meditation, breathing, and chanting and mudra practices.

  • I am pregnant, will these Yoga Nidras be helpful for me?

    A regular Yoga Nidra practice is effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving your direct sense of wellbeing, and in building a toolset to increase resiliency, navigate intense sensations and emotions, and to reconnect to the part of you that is already whole, complete and okay all along. These benefits are IDEAL in supporting the health and wellness of your pregnancy and childbirth, and the practices are essential in navigating the early days of caring for yourself as you care for baby, and far, far beyond. So long answer to simply say, yes.

  • Who can practice iRest Yoga Nidra?

    Short answer: Everyone. This is an extraordinary practice, in that it is simple, accessible and transformative... beneficial if you've never meditated before, beneficial if you're a seasoned meditator of decades.

  • I noticed you offer private iRest Yoga Nidra sessions, how do these differ from these practice recordings?

    The practice recordings are meditations that can be followed by everyone, with opportunities within each Yoga Nidra to tailor the inquiry to your personal needs. The individualized iRest sessions are directly personalized to your needs, and very effective if you have a specific interest or goal, if you are seeking support in your journey of healing (physically, emotionally, mentally) or are healing trauma, or for guidance in deepening your own meditative inquiry - all to awaken your capacity for deep insight, healing and understanding. Contact Clearlight directly if you are interested.

Prioritize Self-Care

Deeply nourish and replenish... when you care for you, there is so much more to give to your loved ones, your work, your community... this world. Your monthly membership is easy to start, and easy to cancel as needed.

... finding peace during Covid


I wanted to tell you how the practice and yoga Nidra helped me find peace in this strange time! It was such a revelation to be able to let go of all the expectations and the stories that I have been holding on to. What should be, what shouldn't be. I am so grateful to you, as always, for being the gateway to another perspective. You truly are a gift!!!!!! Thank you for making this recording and for bringing your practice into my living room.

... helped me with anxiety


I was experiencing anxiety when I first started practicing Yoga Nidra with Clearlight. I met the sensations of anxiety during the practice of yoga nidra and the anxiety went away on its own. I also use the 'opposite feelings' technique and it helps me to be more confident and relaxed.

... easier time with stress and anger


I have found that in times of stress or anger I have had an easier time stepping back and watching the emotion rise in me and knowing it is simply another movement... When I started the classes I was at quite a difficult spot in my life. I truly feel that Yoga Nidra has helped me through this time – I have felt strengthened, bolstered and encouraged by it. I can't say thank you enough!!

... accessing wellbeing and resiliency

Amy K

Personally, Yoga Nidra has offered me valuable opportunity to re-learn how to rest and restore my sense of being able to access feelings of well-being and resiliency. On a moment-to-moment basis, I feel actually more alive, and am grateful for the practice which I'm finding has provided ways outside of class to help me pause in the face of things/moments I find personally difficult- overall I'd say a major benefit I've recognized in practicing Yoga Nidra is that it nudges me toward truer and more helpful expressions of myself-- both to myself and towards others.

... restorative and contemplative


The amazing power of this practice is that it accesses a level of consciousness that is deeper and fuller than otherwise felt during the course of the day. It rests somewhere between sleep and being awake and provides an unrestricted access to intuition, to true mindfulness and physical presence. It is restorative and contemplative all at once.

...more rested than a full night's sleep


Today's Yoga Nidra with Clearlight was exactly what I needed. I felt more awake and rested after our Yoga Nidra session than after a full night's sleep.

... feeling closer to the essential


During these yoga nidra practices I have questioned my identity, my authenticity, my place in society, in the world, in the universe. I might not have concrete answers, but I feel closer to the essential that I was before. It was like meeting and old friend, like being acquainted back with... myself.

... where I needed to go

Marisa R

When I follow Clearlight's Yoga Nidra, I never know where I am going- but once the practice has finished I know that I have been to where I needed to go.

... effortlessly turning off my chattering brain

Kirsten W

What I find interesting about yoga nidra is that it is effortless. I feel the tangible benefit even if I sleep through a whole session. Without sounding too lazy, it’s very liberating to just go somewhere, relax completely and go on a guided journey. That doesn’t happen even in the movies for me, or during sleep. Yoga Nidra does a better job of turning off my chattering brain.

... You also have access to Mindful Yoga

Your monthly membership will give you unlimited access not only to Yoga Nidra Meditations, but also to live-streaming and recorded practices of Mindful Yoga & Meditation – a powerful way to feel better in your body, work with the breath and  calm the mind. Read more about Mindful Yoga.