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Below you will see a preview of the schedule of Mindful Yoga live-streaming classes, as well as the growing library of recorded practices.  There are five sections in total of Mindful Yoga offerings, see below a summary of available live and recorded practices. 

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Live-Stream Schedule and Practice Recordings

Click each section to preview the livestream practice times & summary of recorded practices.

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    Welcome to Mindful Yoga

    • Live-Streaming Class Schedule, and Overview of Offerings

    • How to Navigate this Platform

    • December Updates & Solstice Gathering: Sunday December 20th at 7 pm

    • New Year's Retreat - January 3rd 2021

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    Live-Streaming Practices, Mindful Yoga : Mondays 7:45 pm & Thursdays 12 noon ET

    • Thursday, December 3 2020, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Sunday, December 6 2020, 3:30 - 4:00 pm Yoga Nidra Live Gathering

    • Monday December 7 2020, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, December 10 2020, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Monday December 14 2020, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, December 17 2020, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Solstice Gathering: Sunday December 20th at 7 pm

    • New Year's Retreat - Sunday, January 3rd 2021

    • Thursday, January 7 2021, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Monday, January 11th, 2021, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, January 14 2021, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Monday, January 18th, 2021, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, January 21 2021, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Monday, January 25th, 2021, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, January 28 2021, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

    • Monday, February 1st, 2020, 7:45 - 9:15 pm (gathering begins at 7:30 pm)

    • Thursday, February 4 2021, 12 noon - 1:05 pm

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    Recordings of Mindful Yoga Practices (class recordings added weekly)

    • Here you will find a growing collection of recorded practices, including weekly updates with recordings of the live-streamed Mindful Yoga practices. You can access these practices anytime, as many times as you wish.

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (Monday, September 21, 2020) - 1 hr 17 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (July 13 2020) - 1 hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (August 13, 2020) - 1 hr 25 min - Morning Practice

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (August 17 2020) - 1 hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (September 21, 2020) - 1 hr 17 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (September 24, 2020) - 1 hr 3 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight - September 28, 2020 (1 hr 29 min)

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 1 2020) - 60 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 5, 2020) - 1hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 8 2020) - 63 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 12 2020) - 1 hr 30 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 15 2020) - 65 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 19 2020) - 1 hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 22 2020) - 64 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 26 2020) - 1 hr 29 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (October 29 2020) - 64 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 2 2020) - 1 hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga - Pre-Recorded Practice (Nov 2020) - 65 min

    • Mindful Yoga - Short Practice One - 24 min - NEW

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 16 2020) - 1 hr 27 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 19 2020) - 64 min

    • Mindful Yoga - Short Practice Two - 25 min - NEW

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 23 2020) - 1 hr 29 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 26 2020) - 64 min

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (November 30 2020) -

    • Mindful Yoga with Clearlight (December 3 2020)

  • 4

    Breathing and Meditation Practices for Wellbeing

    • Enjoy a pause from the fullness of your day with these 10-15 minute meditations focused around the breath, intended to give you a moment to quiet and center, and reconnect with yourself.

    • Breath Sensing Meditation - 15 min

    • Pratiloma Pranayama - 15 min

    • Cooling Breath, Mudra & Meditation - 15 min

    • Heart-Space Breathing with Clearlight - 15 min

    • Full Body Breathing with Humming - 13 min

    • Chakra Sensing Meditation - 18 min

  • 5

    Chanting Practices

    • Expand your personal practice with chanting, each video focuses on one chant, providing both the text and the chant. More to come!

    • Atma Hrdaye - 8 min

    • Asato Ma Sat Gamaya - 7 min

    • Maitri - 5 min NEW

  • 6

    Mudras, Musings & More

    • Additional practices will be posted regularly - Stay tuned, more to come!

    • Sharira Breathing Mudras - 13 min - NEW - Nov 2020

    • Poetry for your day - 'A Morning Offering' - 2 min

practicing together... cultivate & transform

Physical health and wellbeing are simply the beginning. Mindful Yoga & Meditation practices with Clearlight integrate nondual wisdom teachings and yogic practices to bring you greater balance and ease... to all parts of your life, and to empower you with tools and perspectives to navigate challenges and support this human journey. We are stronger together, and you will benefit from the welcoming company of fellow yoginis.

  • Join your community of fellow yogis in regular weekly live-streaming practices (see dates and times above)

  • Enjoy unlimited access to recordings of recent live-stream practices, and an ever growing library of pre-recorded practices focusing on women's needs

  • Integrate Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation breaks throughout your day with the pre-recorded short practices

  • Learn and bring the transformative power of Chanting & Mudras into your personal practice

  • Stay inspired and connected as you cultivate vibrant health and wellbeing for yourself and those around you

membership fees

Your monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all live-streamed and recorded Mindful Yoga & Meditation practices, along with unlimited access to iRest Yoga Nidra meditations.

Once you sign up, you will have ten days to try any of the classes, and if you choose to stay on, your membership will be renewed automatically each month. You can cancel easily at any time.

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questions you might have...

always reach out if you have other questions, I'm here!

  • Can I try a free class before signing up?

    Yes! Everyone has 10 days to access all live and recorded classes free of charge. Sign up for the monthly membership to access the ten days of free classes. If you'd like to keep the membership, no action is required. Otherwise it is easy to cancel your membership before the ten days are up, or anytime thereafter.

  • How exactly would I cancel my subscription?

    You can stop your monthly membership anytime. Sign in on the top bar of this page, click 'My Account,' then click 'Billing,' under Subscriptions simply press the Cancel box. This will stop future billings. (You will have access to the classes until the end of the monthly period for which you have already paid.)

  • What materials do I need?

    Find a comfortable spot in your house, ideally a quiet place with minimal distractions. Wear comfortable clothes, and have a mat or carpet, a pillow, a blanket ... and also a glass of water on hand. Other props are helpful but not required, a yoga block, a yoga tie, and an eye pillow. This is an opportunity to turn your phone off and set it aside - for the benefit of your own practice.

  • How do we connect to the live-streaming classes?

    Once you log in, you will find the date of the live-streaming practice you'd like to attend... there you can 'click' to access the live gathering via Zoom. You will need to an uploaded version of the Zoom app. You can view all of the recorded practices directly through your account/course (without an additional log-in to Zoom).

  • Can Clearlight see me when I am practicing during the live-streaming classes?

    This is up to you. You can set your video to 'on', in which case Clearlight will be able to see you while she is teaching. She may offer suggestions for alignment, etc. You can also set your video to 'off' should you choose to join the live practice but not be visible. Either choice is perfect.

  • I am a beginner to yoga, can I join these classes?

    The movement aspect of the classes is based on the spirit of deep listening and moving in harmony with your body. The movements are accessible and not remotely competitive, so many join as beginners - particularly people who are comfortable learning as they go as there are many attending who have been practicing for years. That being said, if you have an injury or condition that would preclude your safe participation, please consider scheduling a private session with Clearlight to receive the individualized attention that is not possible in a group, online context.

what women are saying...

releasing stress and rejuvenation

Lucy S

I needed these practices more than I ever thought. The rhythms of your class, your voice, your reminders, your peace. Thank you endlessly for offering these online. It is truly a gift. I'm holding far more stress in my body than I thought possible and I can't thank you enough for providing a way to help release it and rejuvenate. It was so soothing to nourish myself and let go of the stress. I feel extremely lucky to be able to introduce my practice back into my life right now and grateful for it to be led by you.

connecting with a big heart

Diane M

The practice is extraordinary and I’m so, so, so, so very grateful to be able to connect once again with yoga in THIS way, with YOU as a guide, with the others who join the group because we all have this in common. I cannot express how happy I am to have this opportunity in my life for reconnecting with myself, the world, and with you. You’re extremely present during my practice even through the frame of my iPad screen. Thank you for coming into our lives in this new way. I welcome these sessions in my home with a big big heart and am so happy we have the technology to connect us. I have to say, I hope to keep doing this for a long time....

experience and mastery

Jen P

With Clearlight's teaching, I have learned to develop a yoga practice that I can rely on to bring me back to a state of equanimity in what is a very busy life! Her classes are truly a place of non-judgement, sincerity and encouragement. Her long experience and mastery of teaching yoga are evident. Although I maintain my health, strength and flexibility with yoga, her classes are not about comparing or achieving - they really feel like an opportunity to reconnect to my physical, emotional and mental experiences from moment to moment.

boost to mental health


I have absolutely loved connecting on the Mondays. Your classes are such a boost to my mental health and it is so incredible to be able to do them from a distance.

creativity, integrity and kindness


I really like your classes, there is something special about it difficult to put in words. I can say though that with you, after 15 years of yoga, I am really starting to integrate the concept of respecting my pace...I also love the creativity you put in it, this makes me want to be more creative.I think you don't just teach yoga, you live it, with such integrity and kindness, that it has this huge impact!

gratitude for listening and understanding


Merci pour l'écoute, pour ta compréhension en peu de mots de l'aventure dans laquelle je suis plongée. Je vois de plus en plus la lumière au bout du tunnel, probablement car je me retrouve de plus en plus. Les cours de yoga font partie de ces retrouvailles avec moi. Je tenais à t'en remercier!

warm, practical and convenient


Thanks for these wonderful classes! Although I really enjoy in person classes and the charm and magic of this modality, I surprisingly really enjoy the online version of your classes too! I didn’t think it was for me, but you did a great job at making it interesting and warm but also practical. These online classes are amazing, especially the fact that recorded classes are available, super convenient for new parents ;)

soothing, helpful and enlightening

Chris B

The sessions online with you have been soothing, helpful and enlightening for me. You are a real powerhouse as a connector and facilitator. I like the part of connecting to the body and inner spirit and energy and have become aware of new things and feelings. Thank you Clearlight!

relaxing, comforting & fortifying


I have been returning to my mat for ten years now and I always feel the same pleasure and wellbeing. Clearlight’s voice, guidelines and moves are relaxing, comforting and fortifying. Yoga is a way to escape from the busy life of a working mum of three kids; a time for me to get the energy I need for the rest of the week.

loving myself and others


Thank you so much for teaching me how to love yoga, myself and others!

... And Deeply Nourish with Yoga Nidra

Your monthly membership will give you unlimited access not only to Mindful Yoga, but also to a growing collection of Yoga Nidra Meditations – a beautiful way to effortlessly support profound wellbeing. If you are curious about Yoga Nidra, read more... 

Prioritize Self-Care

Deeply nourish and replenish... when you care for you, there is so much more to give to your loved ones, your work, your community... to this world.

... And don't miss 'Views from the Mat'!

This is a collection of 'Views from the Mat' from your community of fellow yogis – all of us gathering for online live-streaming or recorded classes... together! You are welcome to contribute your own vantage point to this gallery, just send a note to Clearlight.

practicing together... cultivate & transform