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With the Monthly Membership, you will gain unlimited access to ALL content (live-streaming and recorded) in these modules:

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To learn more about these offerings click on the course boxes above. Each course page includes the dates of upcoming live-streaming practices and a list of recorded content which is being added to weekly. The intention of the site-wide monthly membership is to simplify sign-ups, provide flexibility, and build community. It is essential no one feels locked in... therefore, you can easily cancel the membership at any time you choose by simply opting out.

There are also Special Programs that require a separate registration. This includes the MamaBe Authentic Birthing Program, an interactive, live-streaming session that offers tools for you and your partner to cultivate a positive childbirth experience. Special programs provide you with the opportunity for in-depth learning and practice on an individual and highly-focused topic. Sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch and receive information on special immersions, upcoming professional trainings and online retreats.