• What do I do if I have a technical issue or question?

    If ever you have a technical question, or any question you would like to discuss, Clearlight is available to respond to your inquiries! Just email: [email protected] or call 514.867.8671.

  • I want to try the free trial period, what do I need to know about credit card charges?

    If you cancel your membership during the free trial period, your card will NOT be charged.

    To cancel, sign in and on the top bar of this page, click 'My Account,' then click 'Billing,' under Subscriptions simply press the Cancel box. This will stop future billings. Alternatively, contact Clearlight and she will do this for you.

    If you do nothing, the monthly membership will begin after the free trial period, and your card wll be charged $39 monthly unless/until you cancel your membership.

    It is helpful to note the date your membership rolls over... for example, if you start your membership on September 15th, but want to cancel after one month, simply cancel no later than October 14th.

  • What happens after I process my payment?

    Once you sign up for the Monthly Membership, or once you sign up for a special program, you will have immediate access to the recorded and supplemental course material. For the live-streamed classes and gatherings, simply note the date and times (all Eastern Time), and log in to the course a few minutes in advance. It is a good idea to set automatic reminders for yourself in your calendar app.

  • Is my information secure?

    Your personal information is never shared, and is ALWAYS totally confidential. When you pay, your credit card information is masked, so this is not something anyone has access to (including Clearlight). This is between you and the secure payment system (via Stripe or PayPal, as you choose).

  • I am in the United States, what will be my monthly charge?

    The fees listed are in Canadian funds. Your credit card company will automatically apply the current exchange rate when processing the transaction. The exchange rate varies somewhat day to day, month to month, so your monthly charge will vary as well... but do note that due to the difference in value of the U.S. dollar, you will be paying approximately 25% less that the fees listed. This principle applies wherever you are... the exchange rate between your currency and Canadian currency will be applied by the credit card company, or by PayPal.

  • Is there something else you need addressed, or another question answered?

    Contact Clearlight and she will get back to you within 24 hours.